One of the big challenges facing businesses on the Web is the ability to present content in a professional manner.

Presentation is Important

  1. Persuasive language
  2. Search engine optimized
  3. Correct spelling and grammar

Before developing new content, do some research.

  • How are your top competitors advertising their products?
  • What are the most searched-for phrases (keywords)?
  • Are there any new (search) trends?
  • Have you overlooked any niche markets?

Content is King

There is a saying among search engine marketers that “content is king.” According to Google, your website content is the most important factor in search engine ranking. So provide lots of high-quality, relevant, keyword-rich text on your pages.

Content is king.

Adding a Web Log (Blog)

A web log, or blog, is an inexpensive way to develop and add new content for your website. Many business websites, especially new companies, are choosing to add a blog to keep the public informed of company news. A blog should be updated once a week to once a month, and can contain any important information, from monthly specials to latest partnerships.

Matt Cutts – How Search Works


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