Social networks are a huge opportunity for marketers. Social networks can turn customers into free, word-of-mouth advertisers – the best kind of advertising!

Social media sites provide a great way for businesses to reach out to customers. When your customers interact with you (comment, like, share) on social media, their friends see it too. It takes time and effort to build a social network following.

Choosing the Right Social Network

Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ offer users a place to exchange personal news, private messages, photos and videos.

Each social network has its own social climate. Facebook is mainly for chatting among friends. LinkedIn is a business networking site; self-promotion is expected and welcome. Respect the community standards.

Before jumping into social media, do some research to find out where your customers are located. Whichever network you choose, the keys to building up a loyal following are dedication and providing high-quality content.

Delivering Ad Content on Social Networks

Use the “80/20 rule” when delivering ad content on social networks: provide 80% fresh, non-promotional material vs. 20% ad content. If you post too many ads, your followers will block you from their feeds. If you need to post more ad content, consider using a paid solution like Facebook Ads.

Social Media Hazards

You may encounter a dissatisfied customer who will seek help via your social media channel. Someone may post a message on your Facebook page saying, “Called five times. No answer; no return phone call.”

If that happens, respond with your personal phone number (or email address), and request to move the conversation to Private Messaging in order to protect the customer’s confidentiality. After the customer support issue has been resolved, you can delete the comment, or leave it.

In the rare case that someone “flames” your social media account, you can delete the comments, and block the user using the network’s built-in privacy tools.

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